Dogs are more of our acquaintances and we therefore want them to have the best of everything just like our friends. Dogs do not wear clothes but we definitely need them looking at their best which is why we need brushes and other grooming tools to keep their skin, coat and fur in good shape. The kind of tools used vary depending on the coat type of your dog which is why you need to get the best dog brush for your Labradoodle. The brushes used on the puppies might not be very effective when used on the adult Labradoodles. The Labradoodles were the first dogs to be recognized as “designer dogs”. This is among the top reasons that have led to the increased popularity of the Labradoodles besides their adorable looks, impressive personality, intelligence levels and the ability to be easily trained.

Challenges in grooming Labradoodles

The main challenge associated with owning a Labradoodle is getting it properly groomed. Grooming your Labradoodle at home can be a tough task especially if you do not have the right equipment. The different coat types in Labradoodles require different grooming which is why it is important to understand the coat type. The pets love playing and getting it to stay calm during the process will prove to be quite challenging. The Labrador Retriever and the Poodle which are the two breeds used to make the Labradoodle are very hairy so the crossbreeds are bound to have hair everywhere! The fur of the Labradoodle is determined by the DNA they get from both parents. The three main types of fur on Labradoodles are Fleece which has a wavy appearance and friendly to individuals with allergies, wool which appears to be curly and allergy friendly and lastly hair which is slick and not suitable for individuals with allergies.

Best Brush For Labradoodle coat types

After determining the coat type of your dog the next step will be identifying the most effective brush to use on it. The hair coat is the easiest to groom though individuals with allergies should stay away from this ones the hair easily sheds. Fleece coats are hard to groom as they have the tendency to become very thick as a result of the many layers of curls. The coat does mot shed easily nor does it have an odour. The wool coat is the most challenging to groom and might even require brushing on daily basis for maintenance.